A fast-action, current-day sci-fi about  corporate greed, high-tech industrial espionage, and… time travel!


A race to recover alien technology begins when a UFO collides and with a US prototype spy plane on the edge of space. The UFO appears to crash down on a beach in Northern England before quickly disappearing. MI6 are tasked with helping the CIA to locate the missing UFO. A mysterious cat women seen at the crash site is the only clue.

A young woman finds herself at a service station the next morning. Memories of her ordeal the night before flood into her mind. Her only chance of getting back to her world is to find a scientist in the same field as her and persuade him to help her.

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Epub versions of the book are available on iBook, Nook and Kobo and other readers through most e-retailers (ISBN 9781483509136). The paperback version of the book is available on Amazon and other retail outlets (ISBN 9781494385521).

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