AndroDigm Park 2067

A near-future sci-fi thriller.


Marshal Shelby wants justice…
For his murdered wife and daughter.
But first he must solve another gruesome crime.

It’s 2067 and tensions are high as action groups protest against the introduction of a new generation of android worker.

At a violent Action Against Androids demonstration, the CEO of AndroDigm Park is brutally murdered. Finding her killers becomes a priority of the Justice Department. It should be straightforward — the assassins were caught on camera. And it’s impossible to evade the Justice Department’s all-seeing surveillance system, Guardian.

Or so Shelby thought, until the assassins vanished.

Fortunately, Shelby can rely on the help of the CEO’s daughter, who like her mother, is a cybernetic genius and is determined to find her mother’s killers.

And how is the murder connected to AndroDigm Park?

It’s a fantasy park for the super rich to indulge their most outrageous fantasies in a world populated with android creatures and lifelike human replicants. If you’re rich enough, anything is possible — ride dragons and slay demons, defeat aliens, visit new worlds, or engage any kind of debauchery you desire.

If you like your noir, hardboiled and with a touch of humour, check out this sci-fi thriller set in a hedonistic high-tech future.

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