AndroDigm Park 2067

A gritty, sci-fi thriller.


The year is 2067. It’s a cruel and hedonistic world controlled by transnational cyber-media corporations. Tensions are high as action groups protest against the introduction  lifelike androids into the workplace. But while the government tries to divert attention away from the growing social unrest  by the celebrating  the centenary year of the 1967 hippies “Summer of Love”, the CEO of the largest cyber-tech corporation, AndroDigm, is brutally assassinated at a protest rally.

Marshal Shelby, sponsered by the CEO’s daughter, must now track down her killers.

AndroDigm, which is set to open a dream park, is at the centre of the probe. It’s a park where the ultra wealthy may live out their wildest fantasies in a park filled with lifelike human androids and  mythical creatures. It’s a place where if you’re rich enough almost anything is possible.

If you like your noir, hardboiled and with a touch of humour, check out this sci-fi thriller set in a hedonistic high-tech future.

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