AndroDigm Park 2067


A gritty, sci-fi thriller.


It’s 2067 and tensions are high as action groups protest against the introduction of a new generation of androids into the workplace that threaten their livelihoods.

Meanwhile, AndroDigm, the largest of the cyber-tech corporations, plans to open a park for the super rich to indulge their wildest fantasies in a world populated with lifelike android characters and mythical creatures. It’s a fantasy park where if you’re rich enough almost anything is possible.

But before the park is opened, the CEO of AndroDigm is assassinated. Now Marshal Shelby, a modern-day bounty hunter, must track down her assassins. At the heart of the investigation is AndroDigm Park itself and those behind it.

If you like your noir, hardboiled and with a touch of humour, check out this sci-fi thriller set in a hedonistic high-tech future.

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