AndroDigm Park 2067

A near-future sci-fi crime thriller.


The year is 2067, and the celebrations of the centennial anniversary of the hippie ‘summer of love’ are underway. It’s a hedonistic world where the government promotes free-love as a distraction from the growing unrest in the world.

The cause of the unrest is the introduction of a new generation of lifelike androids. Corporations are using them to replace human workers. As tensions rise,  activist groups are fighting back. Matters come to a head when Diane Chambers, the CEO of AndroDigm Park, is brutally murdered.

AndroDigm Park is about to open. It is a fantasy pleasure park like no other.  Rich guests can act out their fantasies in a world populated with android creatures and lifelike human replicants. Ride dragons and slay demons, defeat aliens, visit new worlds, or engage in debauchery. If you’re rich enough, anything is possible.

Diane Chambers, was a prominent figure in the cyber industry and the architect of the new generation of androids. Her murder created an outrage and the cyber industry demanded action.

Marshal Shelby is a former special forces officer with a reputation for dispensing harsh justice.

Scarlet, is a barmaid Shelby rescues from an organised crime boss, who turns out to be Diane Chambers’ estranged daughter and heir to her fortune. Like her mother, she is a cybernetic genius.

Hunting down the assassins should be straightforward. It is impossible to evade the Justice Department’s all-seeing, surveillance system, Guardian. But Guardian has a drawn a blank. So Marshal Shelby and Scarlet must work together to find her mother’s assassins and discover who is really behind her murder.

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