Alien Hothouse

Her best friend and neighbours are aliens. Now they want to go home, and she’ll do anything she can to help them.


From a sleepy village in North Yorkshire to the steamy jungle of a slave planet some forty light years away, this is a roller-coaster sci-fi adventure.

Josie is a young woman who runs a successful small village hotel. The source of its success is a miraculous spa treatment,  which uses a secret ingredient from her friends’ and neighbours’ farm.

Her neighbours are a little strange, living in a close-nit hippy-like women’s commune. Only Josie knows their true origin. They are aliens, marooned on Earth some years ago after abandoning their damaged space ship. The aliens built the hothouse to survive.

Oliver is an investment banker who took a sabbatical to tour the world after losing his job in the City. When he learns he has inherited his uncle’s farm, he returns to the UK to sell the farm. But finds it is partly sublet to an unusual group of tenants.

To complicate matters Oliver is an old flame from Josie’s past. Now she must keep her friends’ identities secret from him –  at least until the rescuers arrive. But when they do, they are not the benevolent rescuers they seem. And following them is an even greater menace that threatens to enslave the Earth.

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