Alien Hothouse

Her best friend and neighbours are aliens stranded on Earth year’s ago. Now they want to go home, and she’ll do anything she can to help them.

1Have you ever wondered whether extra-terrestrials could already be here living on Earth today?

My new novel  is about Josie Carpenter, an unmarried mother with a sixteen-year-old daughter, trying to run a small country spa hotel in a village in North Yorkshire.  What makes Josie different is that she has a secret.  Her best friend is an alien from the Orion Nebula.  In fact, she has twelve alien friends living peacefully in a hippy commune on her neighbour’s farmland.  They were found by her neighbour, Adam, who took them in when they were stranded on earth some years ago.  Adam helped them establish a self-sufficient hydroponic farm to support them until they could be rescued.  To the outside world, the aliens just look like average hippy types: a bit strange, but harmless. Only Adam and Josie know their true origin.

Our story starts in the period following Adam’s death  with Josie having to cope with supporting the aliens on her own. Oliver Saunders, Adam’s nephew, has inherited the farm, and is about to arrive at the village. All Oliver wants to do is sell the farm and return to London to resume his investment banking career, which he lost in the credit crunch. How is Josie going to keep her friends origin secret, and how is she going to deal with Oliver who she hasn’t seen since her school days?  And what is going to happen when the alien rescuers arrive? It’s not what she or the aliens expected.

This is not your usual alien invasion story; nor is it ET.

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