Alien Hothouse

A roller-coaster sci-fi adventure

Her best friend and neighbours are aliens. Now they want to go home, and she will risk everything to help them.

1Josie is a strong-minded young woman who runs a thriving spa hotel in a rural English village. Her best friend lives in a women’s commune on an adjoining farm. The women live off the hydroponic produce of their hothouse. To the outside world they seem like hippies: a little eccentric but harmless. Only Josie and the farmer who gave them refuge some years earlier, know their true origin: aliens who were marooned on Earth after there shuttle was shot down.

But everything changes when the farmer dies and his nephew, Oliver, inherits the farm together with its unusual hothouse tenants. Now she must do all she can to accelerate her friends rescue while keeping their identity secret.

In desperation, under the guise of a midnight naked wiccan ceremony, she helps the aliens send a distress signal into deep space. But when the signal is answered, it is not at all by who they expected.

From a sleepy English village to the steamy jungle of a slave planet some forty light years away, you’ll love this roller-coaster sci-fi adventure.

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