Alien Hothouse

A roller-coaster sci-fi adventure

Her best friend and neighbours are aliens. Now they want to go home, and she will risk everything to help them.

1Josie runs a successful small hotel in a sleepy English village. The secret of her success is a unique plant extract used in her spa, which is produced in her neighbours’ hydroponic hothouse. Her neighbours look like female hippies: a bit strange, but harmless. Only Josie and their benefactor, a farmer who gave them refuge on his land after they were marooned on Earth, know their true identity.

But following the benefactor’s death, the farm is inherited by the the farmer’s nephew, Oliver. Fearing discovery, the aliens send a distress signal into deep space, only to find that it arouses unexpected malevolent forces. Now Josie, Oliver and her alien friends must act together to avoid exposing Earth to terrible danger.

This is not an alien invasion story; nor is it ET.

From a sleepy English village to the steamy jungle of a slave planet some forty light years away, you’ll love this sci-fi adventure.

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