The Healer

Released 27 May 2022

The Healer is my latest novel. Here is the blurb from the back cover:

 “An action-adventure, romantic fantasy

A shy young woman inherits her mother’s magical healing abilities. She wants nothing more than to be left alone to cure sick children, while remaining anonymous to the rest of the world. However, her activities draw the attention of an ambitious lawyer working for a billionaire dying from liver cancer. He is desperate for a cure and will stop at nothing to get it. But like her mother, who died curing others, her powers are limited and could cost her her life if she over-uses them. The lawyer hires a resourceful private investigator to find her. And so begins our story …”

The Healer is a slight departure from my three earlier novels in that it isn’t strictly part of the Science Fiction & Fantasy genre. Although perhaps any novel that has a main character with the power to cure might be regarded as ‘fantasy’. However, like my earlier novels it does have an action-adventure story line and a strong romantic theme. If you like my earlier work, I hope you will like this too.